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Engraving,Milling Machine and Process Center for matal cuttingEstablished in 2003,Cangzhou Yudu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongsheng Electronic Equipment Co., ltd.)is a modern high-tech enterprises which is mainly commitmented to the research, development, produce and sale PCB NC drilling and milling system.


The company's existing products include: CNC engraving and milling machine, Process Center, PCB drilling machine, milling machine and carrying manipulator.

Company covers an area of 15,000 square meters and 3,000 square meters of plant area. We have more than 50 employees including 18 senior technical staff.

Since its inception, it has  successfully and independently developed three leading PCB NC drilling and milling softwares  on the domestic market:Donsn4.00, Donsn5.00 and Donsn4.01. With their superior performance, they have received our customers' consistent high praise.

Year after year,our company, which is devoted to Customer-centered service, increases investment in science and technology and has got a number of national patents.

Our company is well-known in the PCB industry, metal processing industry, musical instrument manufacturing industry and glass production industry.

 We have made a great  breakthrough in the technology of small, fine, sharp, high-speed carving and milling equipment. Our machines have a long operating life and are easy to learn and use. Taishanqing natural granite constitutes  the main structure of the machine. It has high precision, no rust, no deformation, little vibration, good stability, and mechanical properties superior to cast iron structure. So it is the preferred material of precision engraving and milling machine.

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