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Gantry machining center

Gantry machining center

Gantry machining center
Features: CNC gantry machining center is the company for your well-designed and manufactured high-quality, high-precision, high-performance high-end technology-intensive products ◇ models of cross-beam parts sharing, base and table different, That is: the direction of movement of the table before and after the direction of movement and beam are linear guide, the spindle box up and down the direction of movement of the slide guide) ◇ overall structure of the machine generous, the accuracy and stability, reliable performance, easy operation and flexible
The main parameters

Workbench area: 1200 × 2100
Triaxial travel: 2000 × 1650 × 800
Three-axis motor power: 7.5KW / 5.5KW / 5.5KW
Fast displacement: 8m / min
Weight: 25T

main feature
The machine used in the spindle system from Taiwan's professional production of supporting manufacturers imports, the major parts have been strengthened to deal with; the world-renowned brand P4-class spindle bearings and the use of KLUBRNBU15 grease lubrication, the entire spindle in the constant temperature after assembly , All need to be through the computer balance calibration and running test, making the entire spindle long life, high reliability (special attention: the spindle running 24 hours, must be shut down for 1 hour, so that grease reflow lubrication bearings)
Machine lubrication system are used volumetric automatic centralized oil lubrication system to ensure that any lubrication parts are fully lubricated. It is recommended that the oiling time be once every 15 minutes. The oil is recommended for ISOVG68 rail oil
Machine tool castings are used resin sand casting, and through two artificial aging treatment, good stability, high strength, the accuracy of stable and reliable
Cabinet guide with wear-resistant plastic handle, greatly reducing the friction between the guide rail, eliminating the possible crawling phenomenon, improve the accuracy of the machine
Machine XYZ three-axis drive of the ball screw are used by Taiwan's professional manufacturers PMI to provide or import the C3-level double nut preload ball screw, ball screw bearings are imported at both ends of the P4 level 60 ° contact angle universal ball Rod-specific bearings, and three-axis ball screw are pre-stretched, so as to ensure three-axis transmission rigidity, accurate and reliable
Machine X, Y axis with roller-type tight drive linear guide, good precision, strong rigidity
Machine Z-axis counterweight with hydraulic balance system
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