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How to choose CNC wood engraving machine

CNC wood engraving machine is the most widely used CNC engraving machine,it can be used not only for wooden doors, furniture, mold and otherindustries, there are many crafts carving can be used. Especially in the timber industry which occupies an extremely important position. The huge woodworking engraving machine market has also attracted a large number of engraving machine manufacturer's development direction, have to enter the woodworking engraving machine in this market. But at present,it  can be called the real woodworking engraving machine equipment is not too much. Many machines are from the traditional advertising engraving machine structure conversion or extension from. So, the real  wood engraving machine has those characteristics:

① vacuum adsorption pump configuration is reasonable, the cost of electric power is guaranteed, and good adsorption;

②unique dual-rack structure, each side of the gear shaft on the gearshaft is added from one to two, to ensure the smooth operation of the machine in along time, does not appear after a long time carving cutting Not square, round not round the phenomenon;

③the speed of dual-motor driven woodworking engraving machine currently is the fastest in China,the track of dual-motor drive woodworking engraving machine is used of linear square rails, that is ensured long life and high precision;The operation of dual-motor driven wood engraving machine.which is simple and completely,separated from the computer, so that the computer from the harsh environment against the dual-motor driven woodworking engraving machine X-axis dust structure, to avoid the machine at high speed and avoid  to enter the dust easily caused by track sliderdamage.

Therefore,when customers  purchase the woodworking engraving machine equipment,will  sure to select the large manufacturers and to do aDo a lot of investigation and comparison, and then decided to buy.

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