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Southeast Asian customers signed a vertical machining center purchase orders

Recently,a group of Southeast Asian customers made a special trip to Yudu CNCEquipment Co., Ltd., after field visits, signed a vertical machiningcenter purchase orders. It is reported that the Southeast Asian customers to buy the verticalmachining center patented products for machinery, automobiles, textiles,molds, aerospace, electrical, valves and other industries.

Forthe Southeast Asian countries with export earnings, Thailand attachesgreat importance to the development of the automobile industry, thedemand for lathe; Malaysia emphasis on the development of electronicindustry, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools; and the Indonesiantextile industry developed, the demand for ordinary small machine. Inrecent years, Yu-CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. to enter the internationalmarket, combined with market demand, "the right medicine," developed avariety of machine tool products to meet customer needs, to the worldmachine tool users a good user experience. "Donsn4.00, Donsn5.00, Donsn4.01" CNC machine tools cost-effective inthe Southeast Asian region has a strong competitive edge, welcomed bythe international market.

Themain design and research and development of the machine tool products,high degree of NC, good stability, processing accuracy to meet customerdemand in the international market share climbing. Thecompany's machine tool products, intelligent processing, high-endautomation, which is one of the reasons to win favor with foreigncustomers. Inaddition, Yu are CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. first-class after-salesservice and machine tool products, high cost performance is an importantfactor in customer choice good speed products.
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