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YD1060 Vertical Process center
  • YD1060 Vertical Process center

The machine is suitable for machinery, light industry, instrument, motor, electrical appliance and moulds, and widely used in machining of plane and arbitrary angle plane, and slotting, drilling, reaming, boring etc

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 Machine Introduction

1.     Machine structure: Taizan China granite material

Advantages:high precision,

no rust,

no deformation,

   little vibration,

   good stability,

mechanical performance is better than casting constructer, it’s the priority choice for precision CNC engraving and milling machine.

2.     Machine Components: Machine drive: AC servo drive

Ball screw and LM guide: made in Taiwan or Japan(THK, NSK, HIWIN etc)

Spindle: High speed spindle

Inverter: high frequency, made in Taiwan(Delta etc)

Control System: professional CNC control system, close loop, open software interface, Chinese/English is available. Humanized operation interface with convenient parameter setting and technics mode switch. System is for G code format, more convenient.

3.     Applicable: widely used in mould, hardware, watches, glasses, shoes, printing, electronics, jewelry, and other industries and the model of digital products, mobile phone, tablet computer, mobile phone keys, the fine processing of high light processing and a variety of small shaped fixture, copper, steel, aluminum and other mold products processing.

Position Accuracy

X/Y/Z axis movement position accuracy


X/Y/Z axis repeat position accuracy


Work Area

X/Y/Z axis work area


Z axis to worktable distance


Z axis load

Max load


Milling Spindle





Tooling Specification


Feed Rate

Table Move Speed


Max milling move speed


Machine System

X/Y/Z/A drive system(A axis is option)

AC Servo

Control System

Taiwan new generation 10AM controller

Machine Voltage

Working voltage

Three phrase380V/50Hz

Machine Air

Air Pressure


Machine Weight

Net weight


Machine Size



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